Are you an ice cream lover but trying to be on a healthy side? Do you need some healthy refreshment on a warm day? Do you want to treat your family with a healthy and delicious snack? If your answer is yes to at least one of the above questions then I’m sure you will love this easy to make and really healthy recipe.

I loveeee ice cream in every form and flavour and I would eat them during every season, In my journey of looking for healthier alternatives I actually fall in love with sorbets. They are light, sweet, refreshing and easy to prepare at home (you can also buy them in almost every ice-cream shop, so they will always be your go for option if you watch calories). As there is no milk required to make them, sorbets are actually great for everyone who is looking for gluten-free ice-cream substitutes. Preparation will take only couple of minutes and you will be ready to enjoy the divine treat.

In this recipe I used strawberries but you can use any frozen fruits depending on your liking. Strawberries or raspberries are my favourites:) What are yours?

(serves 1 person)
  •  150g of frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 10g of manuka honey
  1. Blend all the ingredients together.
  2. Serve immediately or alternatively store in the freezer.